In the Kingdom By the Sea    oil on canvas 48 x 60 "
The Sleep of Treason    oil on linen 24 x 30"
Loss of Breath    oil on canvas  36 x 48"
Surcease    oil on canvas  24 x 30 "
As the Crow Dies    oil on linen  24 x 30"
Where One Ends and the Other Begins    oil on canvas  36 x 48"
Dream Within a Dream    oil on linen  16 x 20"
Dying Ember    oil on linen  16x20"
In the Hatred of a Minute   oil on linen  16x20"
Midnight Dreary    oil on linen  16x20"
Above My Chamber Door    oil on canvas  30 x 30" SOLD
Privity    oil on linen  8x10"
Mute, Motionless, Aghast!
Surcease on Paper
Homage to the Crow
Spoils of War
Last Offense
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